TruSport Physical Properties

TruSport, like all NASF /Traction products is made from high quality materials and is designed to be environmentally friendly as well as ergonomically correct for athletic and recreational activity.

Physical Properties Standard Specification
Hardness Shore A ASTM D 2240 60 Top/45 Bottom*
Tensile Strength ASTM D412-98a 550*
Elongation (%) ASTM D412-98a 252*
Vertical Deformation DIN 18032-2 0.6mm Pass*
Rolling Lead DIN 18032-2 1000N Pass*
Impact Resistance DIN 18032-2 13Nm Pass*
Residual Impression DIN 18032-2 0.05mm Pass*
Ball Rebound DIN 18032-2 99% Pass*
Coefficient of Friction (wet) ASTM D 1894-2001 1.63
V.O.C. Compliance ASTM D 5116 Yes
Flammability ASTM E 648 .59 w/cm** Class 1
Color Stability Good
Chemical Resistance Good
Light Reflection Average
Chemical Resistance Good
UV Resistance Good
* Customized Upon Request | ** 8mm Thickness