PowerDek Physical Characteristics

Traction / PowerDek is made from environmentally responsible homogeneous single-ply rubber, designed specifically for areas subject to abuse, such as weight rooms and rink adjacent areas in ice arenas.

Physical Properties Standard Specification
Hardness Shore A ASTM D 2240 > 85
Slip Resistance ASTM D-2047-82 > 0.6 ADA Compliant
Critical Radiant Flux ASTM E648 > .50 Class 1
Smoke Density ASTM E662 < 450
Indentation ASTM F36 ≤ .20mm
Abrasion Resistance DIN 53516 ≤ 160mm
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 > 850psi
Resistance To Chemicals DIN 51958 Good
Static Generation DIN 54345 ≤-Antistatic
Acoustical Insulation DIN 52210 10-18db