Control XT Physical Characteristics

Control XT is available in dual or triple durometer. Its a rubber athletic floor system, built on an environmentally friendly recycled underlayment. The result is a multi-layer shock absorbing surface that provides added comfort to the end user and resists wear and damage that sometimes can occur with competitive products.

Physical Properties Standard Specification
Shock Absorbtion DIN 18032 52*
Vertical Deformation DIN 18032 3.2 mm*
Ball Rebound DIN 18032 99%
Rolling Load DIN 18032 1000N Pass
Sliding Behavior DIN 18032 0.55
Flammability ATSM E-662 Class 1
Abrasion Resistance ISO 4649 180 mm3
Fungal Resistance ASTM G 21-90 No Growth
V.O.C. Compliance ASTM D 5116 Yes
DIN Certified
*16mm DIN Certified System